The Ten Perfect Commandments Edit

1: Stay Classy

2: Stay Sassy

3: Carla is Queen, Carla is Clean

4: The Big Cheese is always watching

5: Agree with everything she says

6: Smell Nice, we can't afford trash cans

7: Bitch fights are a no-no

8: B.Y.O.D (Bring Your Own Dboobz)

9: Always give Lulu food

10: Golden Rule - Don't try to make "Slay" happen. It won't happen.

All rules must be followed , and guarded by the cheese. Edit


The Celebrity Spirit Clique Edit

Carla - Nicki Minaj - The Diamond in the flesh

Sona - Bob Marley

Dani - Katy Perry

Lulu - Marina without Diamonds-

Trev - Justin Timberlake- He didn't make sexy happen 

Gigi - Amy Winehouse